Newsworthy Items

May 2022:  Walker & Eakes, LLC hires Dezi Robb as an associate.

August 2020:  Walker & Eakes, LLC is recognized as a Patriotic Employer by the American National Guard and Reserve Force.

May 2018:  Walker & Eakes, LLC hires Christopher Wateland as an associate.

January 2018:  Greg Henrikson becomes a partner at Walker & Eakes.

October 2015:  Walker & Eakes, LLC hires Marc Spooner as an associate.

February 2015:  Walker & Eakes, LLC presents “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished” at the Public Entity Risk Management Seminar.

April 2010:  Walker & Eakes, LLC is awarded the 2010 Pro Bono Award to a Firm by the Alaska Bar Association for “Making the Difference.”

September 2009:  Walker & Eakes, LLC received Anchorage Daily News 2009 Best of Alaska Award, Winner for Best Lawyer, per Anchorage Daily News Readers.

July 2007:  Walker & Eakes, LLC hires Greg Henrikson as an associate.

May 2007:  Walker & Eakes, LLC is awarded the 2007 Bryan P. Timbers Pro Bono Law Firm Award by Chief Justice Fabe at the 2007 Bar Conference.

September 2006:  Walker & Eakes, LLC opened its offices at 329 F Street in downtown Anchorage, Alaska.

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